William Levine, Podiatrist, Handles Bunions and a Whole Lot More

October 15, 2018
William Levine Podiatrist

Surely, William Levine, podiatrist in New York City, is best known for his expert treatment for bunions. has been in private practice since 1993, which means he has almost 25 years into his practice. He has become highly regarded for his development of a surgical technique that allows him to treat bunions with a far less invasive surgical technique, which means less scarring and pain, and which also means less medication, which is good, since they can possibly do harm.

However, there is a lot more than that to his practice than bunions. Over the years, William Levine, podiatrist has helped thousands of people find relief from a number of foot ailments. He is highly skilled and experienced in dealing with a great many foot and ankle problems. Many patients seek him out for his skills as a cosmetic and aesthetic podiatrist, which means patients not only want their feet to feel good, they want to feel good about their feet. One service provided by Dr. Levine is Botox injections, which are used to treat conditions like hyperhidrosis, a medical term for overly sweaty feet.

Dr. William Levine’s podiatrist office can also provide dermal filler injections to women who suffer from metatarsal fat pad atrophy, which is pain and numbness in the ball of the feet that is particularly common among women. His office also offers spa-like foot rejuvenation treatments, using massage with exotic oils and whirlpool baths. Dr. Levine can use lasers to remove nail fungus, do nail bleaching, and he employs state of the art instruments and creams to remove all cracking skin, corns and calluses. Dr. William Levine also is an Associate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, and he has been certified by the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners.